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If you are fined by the EPA for our mistake, we pay the fine. Caviron Environmental believes that we should have as much at stake as our clients.

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All of us at The Caviron Group believe in U.S. energy independence.  Every program we design is designed to achieve one over riding goal ... helping U.S. Energy producers become more successful.  Over a decade ago we introduced unique and dramatic cost cutting innovation to the environmental compliance industry. Other innovations include our Oilman's Alliance, Production Factoring, Term-Certain Future Oil Sales, Oil Buying Unit, and of course our Caviron Capital Group.


Whether it is exploration, purchasing production or securing oil leases, Caviron Capital has unique financing alliances with the goal of helping you acquire the capital you need to grow and expand your business, bringing America one step closer to energy independence. 


From debenture funds and non-recourse loans to asset based and hard money lending and even investment and strategic alliances and partnerships, Caviron Capital Group is on the cutting edge of finding and securing the funds you need to move forward. 


Our goal is to help you to reach your goals.  Independent oil and gas producers provide over 4 million jobs across the U.S. which is over three percent of the entire workforce.  The vast majority of new drills and exploration is done by independent oil and gas producers. Independent oil and gas producers are vital to the energy security of this nation.  Let us work with you to make the American energy sector free, independent, and growing by helping you find the funding necessary to expand your energy business. 



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