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If you are fined by the EPA for our mistake, we pay the fine. Caviron Environmental believes that we should have as much at stake as our clients.

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Oil Spill Contingency Program


We are Caviron Environmental and one of our core functions is environmental compliance.  We know that you have a lot of other things to think about ... like producing the energy we need to make this nation run, grow, innovate, create jobs and lead the world in this twenty-first century.  We know that our friends in the agriculture industry face daunting environmental compliance issues as well.  The good news for both industries is Caviron Environmental is here to help with a decade of experience, a proven leadership role in the environmental compliance industry and the most up to date methods and technologies available in the market place. 


For instance, in a recent survey of over 100 professionally prepared SPCC plans, not a single one had included the Oil Spill Contingency portion required by the federal regulation 40 CFR.  This is a rather complex piece of regulation and we have worked very hard with both government agencies, oil companies and engineers to design this vital document.  Why invest this much time and energy into the creation of a document all of us wish we didn't have to do?  Simple! Thousands of dollars have been levied in fines as a result of the absence of this required portion of a SPCC plan. 


Unfortunately, it is very likely that your plan is missing this vital component as well.  Caviron Environmental can offer a free environmental audit of your existing SPCC plan, as well as other compliance documents and provide you with an honest evaluation of both the strengths and areas that might need a little tuning up. 


And whether you decide to continue to work with your present compliance provider or if we become your environmental consultant, you will never be charged for the initial audit service.  At Caviron we believe that we're all in this together and we want you producing energy, providing food and growing and expanding your business ... not paying punitive fines to the EPA.



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