About The Host:

To say that Dr. Jake Baker is unique in the world of broadcasting is truly an understatement.  He is an eclectic blend of cowboy humor, cutting edge political and geopolitical analysis, and has the ability to make his sparingly used guests feel comfortable and free to let their hair down on the program.   And that list of comfortable guests include the likes of:

  • Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense

  • K. T. McFarland, Fox News commentator on Middle East affairs

  • David Rehr, former president NAB and political analyst

  • Casper "Cap" Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense

  • Dr. Malachi Martin, papal emissary

  • Peter Schiff, economist

  • Bishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu, South Africa

  • Pat Robertson, 700 Club

  • Pat Buchannan, political analyst, past presidential candidate

  • Ambassador Alan Keyes, past presidential candidate

as well as numerous governors, senators, congressmen and leaders from Israel to Europe and Australia to China, just to name a few.

The author of three books, working on  a fourth, produced several television specials including Waco Triumph or Treason which received a nationwide airing, countless editorials, opinion pieces and inspirational videos as well as building two international business, working with the government of Honduras as a media coordinator for the Hurricane Mitch Disaster, and has participated in and run several political campaigns.  Dr. Baker has hosted his own television program and served as a professional fund raiser for several organizations. 

Baker's nose for news is uncanny but it is his inimitable style, pace, and delivery; his unique skills in word crafting, and passion for his trade that has set him apart from anybody else in radio.  He is intense, sardonic, and yet, surprisingly, has the ability to empathize with both his audience and even the characters in his diverse reports.

Baker does not believe in hit and run reporting.  He likes to sink his teeth into a story or trend and develop a theme, flow, and conclusion that the evidence presented leads inexorably to, when given the chance to unfold.  So, whether it is border issues, the Middle East, the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood, the U.S. financial/debt crises, government gone mad, or the issues of the day there's only one Jake Baker and his take is always filtered through the prism of "first principles," which he gratefully acknowledges have been passed from generation to generation since the founding of America.

A fellow broadcaster and friend recently commented, "I think one of the things I like best about Jake is his experience.  He has successfully built several multi-million dollar international companies he has lived long enough to have been kicked in the teeth a few times and walked into enough swinging doors that he is not some idealistic dreamer who doesn't understand real life."  That experience along with his passion, faith, and grasp of the story behind the story brings a unique, funny, entertaining and sometimes even dramatic presentation to his audience that few can resist and none can imitate.

To sum up Jake Baker is simple.  He is his audience.  They love him because he is one of them.  His words speak their minds and when all is said and done, he helps them discover answers to the problems that to many, have seemed so difficult but now seem so clear.    With Jake, it's all about putting America back in the hands of regular Americans, cutting through the "stuff" and nonsense of political parties and making America, work again.