Disasters may be natural (storms, fires, and earthquakes) or man-made (terrorist attacks, employee sabotage, or acts of vandalism and deliberate destruction). They can have devastating effects on people, the environment, and your organizationís very existence.

As the nation witnessed with the 9-11 attacks and with Hurricane Katrina, most organizations learn how to prepare for a disaster only after experiencing one. Wise managers know itís essential to plan before a disaster occurs. As recently as Hurricane Ike, some companies are still not prepared for these types of emergencies.

Adequate preparation, including planning & employee training, reduces human, property, and financial losses. A Caviron Environmental Emergency Management Plan and Employee Training Program provides both peace of mind and huge financial returns when disaster strikes. Itís the least expensive insurance youíll ever invest in!


  1. MITIGATION: Activities which eliminate or reduce the chance of a loss occurring or the effects of a disaster.
  2. PREPAREDNESS: Planning how to respond to an emergency or disaster and making sure resources are available to respond and recover effectively. Identifying resources and training employees prior to a disaster are critical.
  3. RESPONSE: Occurs during and immediately following a disaster. Response plans are designed to provide emergency assistance to victims and reduce the likelihood of secondary damage.
  4. RECOVERY: Continues until all systems return to normal or near normal. Recovery efforts include short, mid, and long-term plans for continuing operations.


Caviron Environmental clients are prepared. They protect their investments,
their employees, and their stakeholders.