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If you are fined by the EPA for our mistake, we pay the fine. Caviron Environmental believes that we should have as much at stake as our clients.


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Despite what some in the media might say, those of us in the energy or agricultural industry are just as concerned about the environment as  anyone else.  None of us want to pollute the air, poison the water, or treat the environment recklessly.  Like everybody else, planet earth is our home and this is where we'll raise our kids and grandkids. 

Having said that, let us begin by saying thank you for what you do.  You provide us with the energy from petroleum that we need to lead the world in innovation and technology, and our friends in agriculture feed the nation and the world with your farming skills and ranching expertise. 

You are what has made America great for over 200 years and those who see the folks in energy and agricultural as the enemy ...  just don't have a clue.  We do what we do to help you meet federal, state and local compliance, cleanup and a myriad of other oil and agriculture related services because what you do is so very important to the nation and the entire world.   

That's why Caviron Environmental is dedicated to the oil, gas, fuel, farm and ranching communities.  We are an environmentally expert company, bridging the gap between the Environmental Protection Agency and the industries it regulates.  Our goal is to help the individual or companies become or remain updated and compliant with the laws pertaining to federal regulations.  We have served over 1,000  clients and we bring our expertise to both the Oil and Gas Industry as well as the agriculture and ranching industries.

In these times of fast regulatory changes, we are always striving to overcome the challenges that the energy and agricultural communities face.  We focus on supporting real Americans like you.  While our business is environmental compliance, our heart is making sure that your hard earned money goes back into production and productivity by helping you weave your way through sometimes murky and often difficult regulatory requirements placed upon you.  We want to do whatever it takes to keep our energy producers, farmers, and ranchers doing what they do best.

We look forward to providing you with a positive experience that will allow you to pay attention to your operations...worry free, while we pay attention to the environmental regulations pertinent to your operations. 

In addition to these services we also provide the following Oil and Agriculture related services:

  • SPCC Plans (Our plans have NEVER failed an EPA Audit)

  • The EPA's newest regulatory emphasis "Oil Spill Contingency" Plans

  • Waste Disposal

  • Emergency Management Planning

  • Site Remediation and Disaster Recovery

  • Sarah III and Tier II Filings

  • Annual Reports

  • Lease Brokerage

  • Produced Oil Purchasing

  • Production Purchase Financing

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