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If you are fined by the EPA for our mistake, we pay the fine. Caviron Environmental believes that we should have as much at stake as our clients.

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Caviron Lease Brokerage


Having served over a thousand clients in the oil and gas industry, The Caviron Group has numerous contacts across America.  We know that there is always movement in our industry.  Some are wanting to sell to finance the next venture, others may simply want to retire.  As properties become available, we have a ready portfolio of oilmen looking to acquire production  just about anywhere in the production array.

Whether you have fifteen bbls of daily production or ten thousand bbls, we have ready buyers.


Buying or Selling


Whether you are buying and selling, we can help you with all the details, filings, landman work, and other compliance and regulatory necessities.  We can provide Phase I, Phase II and Phase III environmental surveys to protect your interests and avoid potentially costly environmental liabilities. 



Financing Your Expansion


Fortunately, we also have financing in place to readily assist you in growing your business in a cost effective, low interest  flexible plan for all your existing production purchases. 


Hedging Oil

We also have access to portfolio stabilization services providing brokerage for future production sales for as much as five years out.  It's a great way to fund current exploration or drilling needs without selling your leases ... just selling the future production for a period certain to fund today's expansion needs.  Your oil leases never leave your ownership and at the end of the period certain the production returns back to you. 



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